The Premier Network of Independent Marine Towing and Salvage Specialists.
A Brief Overview of MAA

MARINE ASSIST Association, Inc. provides a network of service providers in the marine towing, salvage and recovery field. Together, our team handles insurance claim work, from the time the vessel is sunk, until the time it reaches it's requested destination, all on one bill and with one call. This is all on top of each service provider's every day services they offer to their own customer base.
We also provide a fair, national pricing schedule up front, so the insurance claims representative will have an easier time settling claims. From a claims manager perspective, this is a great benefit. No longer will there be a need to try and figure out which company they will use where and what their services will cost, we do all that for you.

Our service providers all maintain the correct insurance coverages, the right equipment and have the experience necessary to perform the work assigned to them correctly and professionally. This goes for the tow boat, the transporters, the cranes, and anyone sublet vendors needed in between.

Most of our marine towing and salvage service providers are independent towing companies, not members of a national franchise or contracted to a large group. This fact greatly enhances the service level, as every job is a reflection of our service provider. The health of their business is a direct result of every job they perform. It is their name on the line and ours.

MARINE ASSIST monitors each and every assignment to ensure the work is performed as promised. We also monitor our service providers to ensure only top notch professionals belong to our association. In a catastrophe situation, a representative from Marine Assist is on scene to manage the entire operation from start to finish. By having a salvage manager on scene, any marine recoveries which fall outside of our pricing schedule are quickly identified BEFORE work begins. This crucial factor allows insurance claims representatives to make the right decisions early. In some cases, this fact alone could save thousands of dollars on a claim, especially if the vessel is a borderline total.

Our main goal is to be an asset to the insurance industry, not a liability.

We want to charge what is fair and right for the service provided, no more. We want to provide the best people for the job at hand and by doing so, ensure there is another, better choice out there for marine asset recoveries. We want to see independent marine towing companies survive and flourish without being part of the two national marine towing companies. We want to earn long term business partners. We are not an insurance company or agent, so your vessel owner's information is safe.

We are simply an association of independent business people, wanting to survive and flourish on great service and fair prices, imagine that!
If you are an independent marine towing and salvage professional, or are planning to get into the business, we'd like to talk to you.
If you are an insurance professional, contact us to see how we can help you.
If you are a boat owner in need of towing or salvage services, give one of our service providers a call in your area to arange service ASAP!