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Our Service providers

The MARINE ASSIST network of service providers consists of many different types of vendors. Below, you will find links to a few of our premier members.

Please visit their websites and call any of them you may have questions for, or if you would like to purchase a local towing package from any of them that offer that service.

Insurance representatives should contact MARINE ASSIST headquarters directly for catastrophe salvage services, so that we can dispatch the assignment properly and manage the entire job for you. Call (866) 620-5151 for service. 



Located in Harkers Island, NC., MARINE ASSIST Cape Lookout offers quick response towing & salvage services in and around Carteret County, from Cape Lookout to Bogue Inlet on the inland and coastal waters. Look for The ORANGE BOATS! This service provider sells yearly memberships to cover the cost of towing.
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Telephone: (252) 772-5088 


Located in West Seneca, NY, MARINE ASSIST Buffalo covers the Niagra River and Eastern Lake Erie with two well equipped towing and salvage vessels. This service provider sells yearly membership programs to cover the cost of towing. MARINE ASSIST Buffalo also has a parent company that operates a heavy vehicle towing service and is called upon by multiple authorities for on water and on land towing services.
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Telephone: (716) 674-4943





Located in Ashtabula, Ohio, MARINE ASSIST Ashtabula covers a large territory along Lake Erie's southern basin with several towboats. This service provider has vessels covering Geneva, Conneaut and Ashtabula. MARINE ASSIST Ashtabula offers yearly towing membership plans, including Lake Erie Unlimited, through the Lake Erie Towers Association. MARINE ASSIST Ashtabula is also a fully equipped salvage service provider. MARINE ASSIST Ashtabula is the only choice of the USCG for professional towing and salvaging vessels along Lake Erie's south central shoreline.

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Telephone: (866) 227-8536 or (440) 466-3254



MARINE ASSIST Lake Cumberland, KY.


Located in south central Kentucky, MARINE ASSIST Lake Cumberland, operated by DCH Marine, Inc., covers all of Lake Cumberland's 102 miles and it's tributaries. This vendor has 4 vessels located on Lake Cumberland. MARINE ASSIST Lake Cumberland also sells local towing membership plans, including a plan that covers housboats on the lake. They are also a fully equipped salvage service provider and can provide sunken vessel services anywhere in the state and beyond. MARINE ASSIST Lake Cumberland  is the only commercial tow and salvage services approved by the Army Corps of Engineers on this bodie of water and the ONLY commercial tow service on the lake.

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Telephone: (877) 662-2555 or (270) 343-5666





On Florida's western panhandle, you will find MARINE ASSIST Pensacola, operated by Moore's Marine Service. This service provider can handle almost any marine towing job you can throw at them. They also have a fully equipped heavy salvage business as well as a marine repair facility. MARINE ASSIST Pensacola also offers over-the-road transport of vessels via hydraulic and standard trailers. If it's a boat (or it used to be one) MARINE ASSIST Pensacola can raise it, tow it, haul it, repair it, launch it and deliver it. A truly full service marine vendor. They also specialize in fuel polishing.

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Telephone: (850) 456-9070



Based out of New london, CT. MARINE ASSIST  Ct is operated by Kennedy Marine, Inc. They are a family owned & operated business providing professional & affordable to vessels in the waters of Eastern Long Island Sound including the Thames and Mystic Rivers since 1988. MARINE ASSIST Ct  offers very competive service membership plans. Its is our #1 goal to provide exceptional l service to our members and non members every time without exception. MARINE ASSIST Ct  is a full service salvage provider and through their parent company offers Emergency environmental spill response/recovery and marine contracting and dock building.
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Telephone (860) 442-6000


Based in Coconut Grove, FL., Atlantis Marine Towing has been providing marine related assistance and salvage service since the '70's. Captain Stu and Captain Burt operate well equipped towing vessels in the Miami area and have the expertise to handle almost any job that comes along.

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Telephone: (305) 854-6198